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Video Editing, Videography and Motion Graphics in Lahore Pakistan & Online

( Online Classes )
Video Editing, Videography and Motion Graphics in Lahore Pakistan & Online

This Video Editing, Videography & Motion Graphics course is designed to teach professional Video Editing, Videography & Motion Graphics with help of projects and assignments. Students of the course will learn to make videos and animation using Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition. Students will also learn to use / handle professional cameras, lights and other equipment for making commercial video & animations.

During this course students will learn to make following type of videos and animations:

  • Promotional Videos for Products / Company
  • Videos for Vlogs, YouTube, Facebook etc.
  • Educational / Explainer Videos
  • Animated Corporate Intros / Presentations
  • Animated logos & Animated Infographics
  • 2D / 3D Animated Presentations
  • Brand Films / TV Commercials
  • Short Documentaries and Short Movies
Brief Contents

Part-1: Video Editing and Premier Pro

Intro to Video Editing, Animation & Videography

Career and Job for Video Editors / Animation Artists

Introduction to Premiere Pro

Project, Sequence & Fields in Premiere Pro

Workflow and Panels

Importing Data, Exporting Videos, Screens and Displays

Arrangement on Timeline

Tools, Ripple Roll, Razor

IKeyframes and Nesting Keyframes

Opacity, Transformation, Size

Animation with keyframes

Transitions, Nesting two clips, Keyframes

Audio Editing in Audition and Premiere Pro

Working on Audio

Audio Mixing, Remove Noise

Voice Sound Effects

Typography in Premiere Pro

Introduction to Text

Text Properties Title Animation, Scrolling text, News Tickers

Lower Thirds, Video in Text

Video Editing Special Effects

Video Effects

Chroma / green screen

Background Change

Split Screen and video stabilization

Colour, Stabilization, Presets

Fast Forwarding Slow Motion

Freeze frame

Warp Stabilization in Adobe Premiere

Colour Correction, Colour Grading in Adobe Premiere



Exporting Video

Video Formats, Bit rates

Best Settings & Rendering

Part-2: After Effects & Motion Graphics

Introduction to After Effects

Projects and Compositions

Panels, Tools Details

Import PSDs, Import PNG Sequence, Placeholders

Layers and their workflow, Pre-Comp

Transformation of Layers

Arrange, Trim, Split, Anchor Point

Scaling Rotating

Parents Child Relationship

Blending in AE

Keyframes and Null Object

Key frames

Motion Path

Object on Paths

Null Objects

Key frame Interpretation


Slide Show with ADJ Layers

Adjustment Layer

Slide Shows

Camera and 3D Objects

Animation of Objects Camera Layer

Uses of Camera in AE

Camera Path



Spot, Parallel and Point Lights

Puppet Tool

Motion Tracking

Camera Tracking

Audio Spectrum

Time Remapping

Tool Effects

Paint Brush Tool



Logo Animation

Color Isolation

Pen Tool

Pen Shapes

Pen Strokes

Masking and Filling

Auto Trace Mask

Bezier Shapes

Fill a Shape with Liquids

Text Effects

Gradient Fill

Shape repeater

Water Flow in Text

3D Text

Hand Writing

Rotobrush and Exporting

Roto Brush Tool


Illustrator to After Effects

Premiere to After Effects

Exporting and Rendering

Training Methodology
Course Project

Students of Video Editing, Videography & Animation course has to complete 10 assignments and 2 projects during the course. As a final project every student has to make a show reel to demonstrate his animation, video editing & videography work during the course.


Video Editing, Videography & Animation Certificate by EVS

Duration & Frequency

3 Month (12 weeks; with 3 training sessions of 1.5 hours a week)

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