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WordPress Web Development with Theme and Plugin Development in Lahore Pakistan

( Online Classes )
WordPress Web Development with Theme and Plugin Development in Lahore Pakistan

This 3 months project-based course covers WordPress Plugin & Theme Development from scratch. The course starts with essentials of PHP programming & MySql databases for WordPress plugin development. After this the course covers WordPress themes activation and customization and WordPress plugin development in details. It includes Hooks, ShortCodes, HTTP APIs, Plugin Security, Post Types, Taxonomies & WordPress Corns. The course is delivered through demonstration styles lectures & supervised labs by WordPress expert from industry.
Brief Contents

WordPress Foundation

Introduction to WordPress

WordPress Installation

Activating WordPress Themes

Starter Theme & Child Theme

WordPress Theme Directory Structure

Widgetinzing Themes

WordPress Permalinks

Downloading & Activating WordPress Plugins

PHP for WordPress Plugin Development

Fundamentals, Conditional statement

Loop, Functions, Arrays

Object Oriented Programming in PHP

MySql Database for Plugin Development

Database Basics

Database Designing

Create, Retrieve, Update & Delete (CRUD) Operations

Introduction to WordPress Plugins

What is a Plugin?

Available Plugins

Advantages of Plugins

Installing and Managing Plugins

Plugin Foundation

Creating a Plugin File

Sanity Practices

Header Requirements

Determining Paths

Activate/Deactivate Functions

Uninstall Methods

Coding Standards




Using Hooks from Within a Class

Creating Custom Hooks

How to Find Hooks

Integrating in WordPress

Adding Menus and Submenus

Creating Widgets

Meta Boxes

Keeping It Consistent


Internationalization and Localization

Creating Translation Files

Plugin Security

Securing Your Plugin

User Permissions


Data Validation and Sanitization

Formatting Sql Statements

Security Good Habits

Plugin Settings

The Options API

The Settings API

The Transients API

Saving Per-User Settings

Storing Data in Custom Tables


Working with Users

Roles and Capabilities

Limiting Access

Customizing Roles


HTTP Requests & HTTP Response

Making HTTP Requests in PHP

WordPress HTTP Functions

Reading JSON Data from a Remote API

Sending JSON Data to a Remote API

The Shortcode API

Creating Shortcodes

Shortcode Tips

Integrating Google Maps

More Shortcode Quick Ideas

Extending Posts: Metadata, Custom Post Types and Taxonomies

Creating Custom Post Types

Using Custom Post Types

Post Metadata

Creating Custom Taxonomies

Using Custom Taxonomies

Javascript, Jquery & Ajax in WordPress


What is Cron?

Scheduling Cron Events

True Cron

Practical Usage of Corn

The Rewrite API

Why Rewrite Urls

How WordPress Handles Queries

Practical Usage of Rewrite API

Debugging and Optimizing


Error Logging


Marketing Your Plugin

Choosing a License For Your Plugin

Submitting to

Getting your Plugin Renowned

Training Methodology

Lectures & Demos by industry experts

Project Driven Hands-On approach

Focus on latest tools, technologies & industry practices

Projects, assignments & quizzes for student’s evaluation


Anyone interested in learning WordPress Theme & Plugin Development

Web Developers interested in WordPress Theme & Plugin Development

Students & Graduates of Computer Science willing to Learn WordPress Plugin Development

Course Project

Participants of the course will prove their proficiency in WordPress plugin development by developing commercial level WordPress Plugins and using these plugin in WordPress websites.


EVS Certified WordPress Plugin & Theme Developer

Duration & Frequency

3 Month (12 weeks; with 3 training sessions of in a week)

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